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  The ENERGY STAR® Qualified Home

An ENERGY STAR qualified home is more efficient because
of how the home is built, and the appliances it operates with.
Some features that can be found in an ENERGY STAR
qualified home include:

More insulation
An energy-efficient home should have more insulation in the walls and attics to
reduce energy use. When properly installed and inspected, extra insulation can
keep temperatures even throughout the house.

Higher-performance windows and doors
Energy-efficient windows and doors have features like airtightness, insulated
frames, sashes and door cores, as well as double or triple glazing with a sealed
insulating glass unit. While these features can reduce condensation in the winter
and keep cool air inside during the summer, they also help reduce outside noise
and keep you more comfortable in every season.

Efficient heating systems
Efficient heating equipment tends to be more quiet and uses less fuel to operate.
This means that the more efficient your heating system is, the more energy and
money you’ll save.

Tight construction and ducts for improved air distribution
It’s important that your home is tightly sealed in order to improve airtightness and
reduce any drafts, moisture, dust and pollen that can come in from the outdoors.
This is why builders should seal any holes and cracks in the heating duct systems,
as well as the home’s envelope.

ENERGY STAR qualified lighting and appliances
There are many ENERGY STAR qualified appliances that can be incorporated into
your new home, including lighting fixtures and bulbs, ventilation fans, refrigerators,
dishwashers, and washing machines. All of these operate at a higher level of
efficiency than conventional appliances, and they all work towards saving you more
energy and money.

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