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ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Initiative
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  ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Initiative

ENERGY STAR for New Homes is an initiative developed by Natural
Resources Canada that helps build energy-efficient homes.

ENERGY STARInstead of making upgrades once you’ve moved
in, new homebuyers have the option of making
their home energy-efficient from the very beginning
– in the building stages. This is accomplished by
speaking to your builder about your house plans
before construction begins. The builders will work
closely with a certified energy advisor through the entire process to ensure the house plans
are energy-efficient. Once the house has been built, the energy advisor confirms that the
builders have met their commitment by examining the home. These energy-efficient
homes are called ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

Your new home will receive an ENERGY STAR label and EnerGuide rating label,
which are placed on the home’s electrical panel, and an Energy Efficiency Evaluation
Report. The label shows that your home is ENERGY STAR qualified, and includes
your home address, builder name, rater name, and date of verification. The report will
show your home’s estimated annual energy consumption. With ENERGY STAR for
New Homes you’ll be moving into a home that’s better for the environment, and has
reduced energy use and costs.

Here are samples of the ENERGY STAR qualified home label and the EnerGuide
rating label. Click here to enlarge.


Click here for a sample of the final Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report you will receive.


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