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  Finding the Right Builder

The right builder will take quality and energy-efficiency into
account. Minimum provincial building codes consider quality
building, but do not demand a high level of energy-efficiency.
However, ENERGY STAR qualified homes comply with
stricter guidelines. A builder who is in partnership with the
ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiative is committed
to efficiency and environmentally conscious building.

The builders of these homes are quality workers who are on the forefront of
innovative home building technologies. In order to build energy-efficient homes,
builders must be licensed and registered with Natural Resources Canada.

It’s your right to know if your builders are constructing an energy-efficient
home. If you’ve already chosen a builder, ask them if they are certified to build
ENERGY STAR qualified homes. If you haven’t chosen a builder yet, you can find
a certified builder in your area by calling AmeriSpec at 1(866) 284-6010.

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