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  Benefits of Green Living

So far, over 1 million ENERGY STAR qualified homes have been
built in North America. The families living in these energy-efficient
homes saved more than $270 million on their utility bills last year.
They also cut down on their greenhouse gases - by the amount
of gases emitted by 370,000 vehicles.

Every ENERGY STAR qualified home does its part to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions and prevent climate change. That’s because ENERGY STAR qualified
homes are 25% more energy-efficient than those built to minimum provincial building
codes. And when it’s time to sell, your home will have an increased resale value and
be an asset in the real estate market. Buying an ENERGY STAR qualified home
is an investment that continues to pay you back, year after year.

Making energy-smart upgrades to a home in the building process is easier and
cheaper than it would be to make upgrades later on. You’ll save yourself the hassle
of making home improvements while living there, and bring in even more savings by
making the installations now.

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